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The Community Kollel has served the entire spectrum of Kansas City’s vibrant Jewish Community. Through sharing the rich Torah texts of our tradition in classrooms, boardrooms, homes, and in one-on-one study, the Rabbis of the Kollel engage the community in the exciting and inspiring pursuit of Judaism’s legacy of wisdom.

By providing both formal and informal education opportunities, the Kollel empowers Greater Kansas City residents with knowledge and training, creating and enhancing their desire to become more active as volunteers, role models and leaders in their various communities. Learning leads to Inspired Living.

Click below to learn more about some of the programs which are inspired by our learning:

Youth Programming

Learning For Life

Young Professional





  1. Neil Sosland September 18, 2016

    I think you put up a sukkah for us last year?

  2. Shaya Katz September 18, 2016

    Hi Neil,
    Thank you for reaching out.
    It is possible. I (Shaya Katz) was not here last year. Would you like us to do so again? If you have the materials we can do that for $100, if you need materials too, we can do that for $300 (aside from s’chach on top).


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